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Nearing Retirement...

Nearing Retirement...

As I near retirement I want to say thank you to the Prairie Clinic for taking a chance on me back in 1995 when I was a brand new PA. Thanks to all of you MD's who nurtured me and helped me grow. Thanks to Amy and to her mom Kris before her who managed the clinic and figured out what to do with a mid-level provider as we were called back in the day. I also want to thank my now strong force of fellow Prairie Clinic PA's, NP's and Diane our CNM (certifi...ed nurse midwife) for sharing their experience and being a daily guiding force. Mostly I want to thank every person who has trusted me to be their provider. I may have seen you once or I may have seen you many times over many years and I am grateful for the connection and for the trust you put in me. I have been blessed to share laughter and tears with many of you. It's hard to think of saying goodbye.

Don't worry. I'm not gone yet. Starting in July of this year I will be decreasing to two days per week. In July of 2020 I will stop seeing "regular" patients but will keep my skills fresh by continuing to provide urgent care at our Express Clinic.

In the meantime, eat your vegetables, stay active and be well.


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