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Unplug to Unwind

Unplug to Unwind

The average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day. About 80% of smartphone users check their phones within one hour of waking or going to sleep, 35% of which will be within five minutes. Around 70% of internet use by people at work has nothing to do with their job.

These statistics clearly prove our increasing addiction to the internet and our smartphones. This is why the concept of digital mindfulness becomes pertinent. It is about making conscious decisions and choices in the digital world, being aware of the action and its consequences.

We bring mindful use of technology using some technology tools and also through education which makes you motivated to use those tools. ‘Do not Disturb’ feature is one good example of this. It is a tool which allows you to block all calls and SMS notifications for a set period in a day, automatically. You can then select a few people whose calls would be still allowed through.

Just like in health and nutrition, we know crash diets do not work. Mindless consumption online or phone addiction is a lifestyle problem and hence we need to equip people in a way that they can observe how it is affecting them and provide tools for them to modify this behavior regularly, on an ongoing basis in their daily lives.


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